52 delicious recipes high in protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Eating the right amounts of protein is key to a healthy metabolism! 

The goal for optimal nutrition is to eat a clean, whole-foods diet that’s low in sugar and processed foods and that contains a variety of micronutrients.


That being said, there is ONE MACRONUTRIENT that has an edge when it comes to revving your metabolism …. it’s PROTEIN.


It can help you burn more calories … keep you feeling full between meals … and help your body keep your valuable muscle as you lose weight.


Your recipe pack has 52 recipes and meal plan guide so that you no longer have to guess what to eat. 

As a guideline, your daily recommended amount of protein is between 10% and 35% of your total daily calories.


Studies show you get the most bang from your protein buck if you spread out your intake over the day. See how it is done on your meal plan and re-create over and over. 


Send me a pic of one of your meals! If you are member do that in the Facebook group

As always, if you have any questions, I’m here for you!


Make it an amazing day,



Check the picture of the complete table of contents for all the recipes you will receive. 




High Protein Recipe Collection and 2-Week Meal Planning

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